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The Fall 2021 Appraisal Buzz Magazine has Arrived

Our latest edition of the Appraisal Buzz Magazine is now showing up in mailboxes all across the country! These valuable and helpful discussions range from the cost approach to algorithmic regulation. Our cover article is an incredibly insightful conversation on racial bias in the appraisal industry. We have articles to help appraisers, AMCs, and lenders grow in every aspect of their business. Make sure you take a look at our schedule for Valuation Expo – we’ve included a code for $100 off of any Valuation Expo Pass! Here are just a few of the articles that are a must read

Bracing for Impact: Navigating Accusations of Bias in Appraising by Jilian White
Racial Bias in appraising has been a hot button topic for the year of 2021. With more accusations, studies, and first-hand accounts coming to light, we needed an experts view. Find out first-hand from Jillian White, Chief Valuation Officer of Better and appraiser, as she talks about her varying viewpoints as a lender, appraiser, and homeowner as it relates to racial bias.

Cost Approach in 15 Minutes or Less by Barry Colen
The Cost Approach is just one of the many different approaches you can have when valuing a home. Barry Colen dives into this 10-15-minute Cost Approach development task to help walk you through your appraisal. It takes the second guessing out of your approach! 

Don’t Start Driving Until You Know Where You’re Going by Matt Simmons
You can’t be a master without mastering the basics. Matt Simmons goes into detail about the basics of appraising, how appraisers can be mindful of their training while appraising, and how they can keep those skills sharp even years after being a trainee.

Some other features we have in our magazine include an interview with our 2021 Valuation Visionary, funny Buzztoons, stories from appraisers and readers like you, and so much more! Remember to get $100 off of your Valuation Expo pass when you follow the instructions in our magazine!

Read all these articles and more in the latest edition HERE.

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