Tuesday, December 6, 2022 | The Latest Buzz for the Appraisal Industry

Meeting Today’s Appraiser Needs For Data Analysis

Big data is a requirement when it comes to market analysis.

Littleton, CO – Savvi has one of the largest data bases in the country. With census information, County and MLS data (where available) integrated into one of the most powerful analytic engines available today, Savvi’s automated analysis makes it easy for you to run the most complex data analysis possible, giving you a complete analysis report that addresses Fannie Mae’s CU data analysis requirements.

The Four Essential Building Blocks In Data Analysis

The appraisal industry is moving into a new age of big data and a higher level of analysis. Regression analysis doesn’t have to be a hard and drawn out process. Join the thousands of appraisers using automated analysis.


  1. All supporting data is provided for your reconciliation.
  2. Model-derived, market-specific results at a 95% confidence level.
  3. Trend analysis is conducted on the entire market area. Comparbles are ranked by closest and most similar.
  4. County, Census Data and MLS (Where available)   is standardized and normalized, while removing any outliers, for data integrity – bringing you the highest level of analysis possible.

With Savvi’s multivariate approach to adjustments, using big data and market trend analysis, you can now include the “4th approach to value” into your analysis, substantiating your final value.

All supporting data – “4th approach to value” – is automatically generated and can be easily uploaded into any of the big three appraisal forms with ease, using a simple <csv> file.

Savvi allows Real Estate Professionals to employ automated regression analysis to determine attribute and time adjustments based on the subject property.

Unlike manual regression models that require statistical expertise, lengthy training and expensive spreadsheets – which are even more cumbersome than traditional valuation methods – automated regression technology is based on proven mathematical equations that can be replicated time and time again.




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