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Incenter Appraisal Management Offers RemoteValTM Remote/Desktop Appraisals on a Self-Serve Basis

Appraisers Can Complete Virtual Inspections Independently, Be Their Own Bosses, and Prepare for a Digital Future

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — September 6, 2022 — To give appraisers a new advantage as they compete for jobs, start and build their own businesses, and prepare for a digital future, Incenter Appraisal Management is making its RemoteVal™ remote/desktop appraisal technology available on a self-serve basis.

Appraisers will now be able to register for full access to RemoteVal for both desktop and hybrid assignments at Once they have signed up, they will be able to create job orders, complete virtual inspections, and set their desired fees.

“This is a perfect time for enterprising appraisers to take control of their destinies by offering these digital services,” said Mark Walser, President, Incenter Appraisal Management. “In today’s competitive environment, mortgage lenders are seeking new ways to improve their responsiveness to borrowers, and many want appraisers who use these time-saving technologies. Those early adopters who can meet lenders’ needs now will be well-positioned when the mortgage market heats up again.”

The new self-managed option enables appraisers to save gas and travel time while still fully controlling virtual appraisal inspections from their desks, with no need for third-party data.

Looking remotely through an onsite contact’s (realtor’s or homeowner’s) smartphone camera, appraisers can:

  • Scan a property live
  • Remotely capture geographically-verified, time-stamped photos and HD-quality videos for their workfile
  • Automatically generate detailed, highly accurate floor plans (often in less than 10 minutes)—including wall thickness
  • Instantly download photos and measurement data to import into their industry standard software

Applications for these self-serve capabilities include home equity lending, mortgage originations and refinancing, disaster inspections, 1004Ds, and loan modifications/foreclosures for applicable lending scenarios in both GSE and private lending.

Appraisers pay a nominal fixed cost per inspection, which they build into their client fees. More information is available at Incenter Appraisal Management is also reachable by phone at 866-222-6205.

About Incenter Appraisal Management

Incenter Appraisal Management’s goal is to harness its knowledge, skills, experience and profound sense of integrity to consistently exceed client expectations. The company is a national provider of best-in-class valuations, inspections and data products for lenders throughout the country, and is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina. For more information, please visit

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