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Home Valuation Code of Conduct with Alfred Pollard

In today’s Buzzcast, we dive into the Home Valuation Code of Conduct, where it began, and how it’s viewed today in the industry. Today we have Alfred Pollard, Former General Counsel at FHFA, with Joan Trice, Founder of Allterra Group, LLC. They delve into a deep discussion regarding the HVCC and what we’re still learning from the housing crisis today.

What exactly was the Home Valuation Code of Conduct? How has this changed and improved? What are some of the problems we see today because of the mortgage crisis? These questions and much more will be answered between Alfred and Joan as they dive into more about the HVCC.

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  1. All that is fine, just pay the appraiser reasonable and customary fees if an AMC wants to make money for managing appraisal orders they can charge a separate fee for that. I am also a Realtor and my buyers pay between $450-$550 for an appraisal up front, on the other hand I have AMCs offering $280-$300 the most for an appraisal and if the appraiser increases his/her fee the orders stop coming and that’s the reality.


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