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Accurity Consolidated Celebrates Positive Industry Changes

Thriving company shares successes surrounding speed, collaboration, and employee well-being

HOUSTON, TX (April 27, 2022) – Since opening its doors on January 1, 2020, Accurity Consolidated has had several main focuses driving its mission: to modernize the appraisal industry with advanced systems and processes, to deliver clients with results that far exceed their expectations, to create an education pathway and opportunities for aspiring appraisers to enter the profession, and to enhance the work-life balance of appraisers.

It didn’t take long for Accurity’s platform to become a top conversation in the industry. The company began quickly attracting not only already-established appraisers ready for positive changes, but young adults from a variety of backgrounds excited to create a career – helping solve the headline diversity issue that’s undeniable within the industry.

There’s no doubt about it – what Accurity is doing is working, and as the last two years have passed, other appraisal firms have joined the mission, creating changes within their own walls to help revive a stagnant industry and create more modernized approaches to meet demand.

In the meantime, Accurity, based in Houston, Texas, has continued rapidly expanding into hot markets across the country and appraisers continue to join the company they describe as “ahead of the curve.”

Accurity continues to take massive leaps forward as thought leaders, while simultaneously introducing an entire new way of thinking for appraisers. Not only are appraisers realizing that a once-frustrating, time-consuming system has been simplified and enhanced, but that they’re getting much of their personal life and family time back – a perk you simply cannot beat.

In addition to a focus on improving the lives of existing appraisers, Accurity’s recruiting efforts are bringing in a whole new, diverse generation of young, fresh-out-of-college professionals seeking to kick-start their appraisal careers. Once employed by Accurity, the group of blossoming innovators are receiving on-site inspection responsibilities as site analysts, daily training and communication from established appraisers, as well as paid-for educational courses to help them reach the levels of success they’re craving. When it comes down to it, a once bumpy, treacherous path to becoming an appraiser is being smoothed and made more accessible by Accurity.

As other appraisal firms have started working toward enhancing their processes, many are experiencing considerable challenges implementing change.

So, what has Accurity done differently? The company has developed a process featuring an entire team of innovative professionals. These individuals specialize in their own areas of the appraisal process – efficiently and accurately advancing the report to its next level at any hour of the day. The best part? Each member of the team works closely together, patting the other on the back as they go – discussing properties and scenarios on complex levels and conversing back and forth every step of the way.

With the structure Accurity has in place, it’s not uncommon for the company to deliver a full appraisal in less than 24 hours in an industry with a reputation of appraisal processes taking weeks. The company calls these incredible less-than-a-day accomplishments “magic orders” – a name that speaks for itself. In addition to lightning-fast turnarounds, they also offer less urgent options, including “expedited,” meaning inspected and delivered within a 48-hour period, and “standard,” which are inspected and delivered within three to five business days.

Even production labeled as “standard” is shocking clients in all the best ways. They are finding they’re not only receiving faster-than-expected deliveries, but the results are top-quality and the customer service along the way is all they could hope for.

Truly, it appears Accurity’s formula is translating to a win-win-win across the board.

“Day in and day out, Accurity strives to improve every angle of the appraisal process, from innovative new approaches to top-of-the-line client services, and from appraiser lifestyle to reviving the industry with new, young talent,” said Accurity CEO Mark Verrett. “It’s vital that appraisal companies in the industry follow this approach and we’re thrilled to see so many changing their processes to do so.”

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