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Why Do You Love Being an Appraiser?

There are plenty of reasons to love what you do every single day. Maybe you love your commute and the alone time that comes along with it. Maybe you love the people you see every day or love that you don’t have to see people every day. Hopefully, as an appraiser, you love being an appraiser every day. We asked appraisers like you, “What do you love about being an appraiser/ What do you love about being in this industry?” Your thoughtful answers were what we loved.

Joseph A. Mier, SRA, AI-RRS, RAA 

“Over the last 24 years of being in the Appraisal Profession I have found that I love the generosity of appraisers with their time, talent and money. When appraisers see other appraisers hurting from health issues or recovering from a disaster be it floods, fires or hurricanes appraisers help other appraisers get back on their feet.”

Caro Mich

“I love the freedom it gets me .”

Julie Friess SRA, AI-RRS

“I love being an appraiser. When I started appraising in 1988, I loved that I got to see inside of so many people’s homes and properties. I loved that they would share all the details of how and why this place was so special to them. I loved seeing so many different styles of architecture, views, locations, and meeting new people every single day.”

“Then, as my career progressed, I loved being challenged with complexities and anomalies and unraveling the gray areas through a detective-like manner; using the data and information available to solve each new “problem” as it was presented. I still love that! But most of all, I love that I never stop learning and growing and no matter what day it is, there is always something new to discover.”

“I’ve enjoyed training new appraisers and then watching them develop into competent and qualified professionals that can go out into the world on their own, cate for their families and themselves doing what they love and enjoy while always continuing to grow and evolve. There is so much more that I love about being an appraiser that could take all day to write. The stories, conferences, people, adventures, market changes, diverse opportunities, and the list goes on and on.”

Donnie Ellis

“A good appraiser who delivers a good product in a timely fashion, in my opinion, will always have plenty to do. I love the profession. I pick and choose who I will work for and choose not to work for demanding companies that want fast and cheap instead of good and timely.”

John Bredemeyer

“I love to be an appraiser because it provided me a good lifestyle and the time to spend with my family and particularly with my children as they were growing up!”

Chris Hughes

“I love the variety. Every day is different. Every house is different – even if it’s only by a little bit (those walls are ecru and in the last house they were eggshell). Getting to talk to people, to see how they live, what they collect, where they have traveled to. I love the problem solving. What are the best comps for that one-of-a-kind house? It’s very satisfying when I can find comps to support the unsupportable. I love the freedom & flexibility to be able to set my own schedule. There have been times when that was really important, and I’ve been glad I had that freedom.”

Lynn Kerchen

“I love the flexibility of being an appraiser.  I am not locked in an office 40 hours a week.  No 2 days are ever the same. I get to see so many different properties and get inspiration for my own home.”

Brian Kirkpatrick

“I love the fact that not one job I work on is identical to another. Each day is its own journey and rarely do I ever feel bored from repetition.”

Woody Fincham

“I love what I do. I get to help people doing something I enjoy. Now that I once again work for my own company, I have the freedom to work or not work as I want to. I also work with my son, and we get to spend lots of time together.”

JW Purdy

“I like being in the field part of the day and the office the other part. I’m not limited to just the office. I also really love meeting new people but my favorite part of the job is protecting the people that hire me by making sure they are informed about a property.”

Dana Jo Robichaux

“40 years of fun – never worked a day!”

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