Thursday, September 28, 2023 | The Latest Buzz for the Appraisal Industry

Why Aerial Inspections?

Aerial inspections using drones are changing real estate. A drone is an un-crewed vehicle that is operated without the possibility of direct human intervention from within or onboard the craft. They can either be controlled by a remote-control or preprogrammed for flight. In order to be successful, remember that clients do not pay for drone flights, they pay for data.





The overall potential for aerial real estate inspections is still being discovered. Unfortunately, using a drone to provide aerial services can still be a proof-of-concept business model for those just entering the field. Clients see the value but they just don’t know how to pay for it. It is up to the remote pilot to educate their clients and showcase the benefits of the technology. For example, drones have the ability to obtain data and perform tasks that were previously unachievable, mitigate risk and give the ability to access real estate from uniquely different perspectives.

Drones are already having a huge impact as a tool for real estate. The current number one application for drones is photography and real estate is one of the top industries taking advantage of it. From just one property, there are a number of different sources of income to be had. Build your business model by thinking outside the box.

Drones can provide unique material for real estate agents and brokers interested in marketing a property. Aerial shots create a personal connection that cannot be found in land-based photographs or videos. Drones are a tool for real estate appraisers which can assist in the ability to make educated and informed decisions from a unique perspective. Drones are being used by insurance companies to increase assessment accuracy. Having a baseline assessment means it is easier to identify changes to a properties condition. For construction and development drones are used to estimate the materials allocated and used on each jobsite. Finally, for litigation, drones help to create a more thorough report in the eyes of the judge and jury.

Whether for use or investment, understanding un-crewed technology is here and those that understand it will be able to take advantage of the benefits from it. If you would like to know more about how drone technology is changing real estate and how to take advantage of it then be sure to follow Lamar Ellis on LinkedIn and register for “Aerial Inspections for Real Estate Appraisers” coming to a city near you. Registration is open to everyone wanting to understand how drones are changing real estate.