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The CRN is composed of lenders, technology companies, rating agencies, appraisal associations or coalitions, AMCs, and other appraisal related service providers. Within this vast network, you’ll have access to member-only email forums, meetings, and Quarterly events.

With the forum – posts automatically send to your inbox, so nothing will be missed. You’ll receive insightful looks into the collateral risk community through healthy and respectful debates. Our quarterly meetings allow you to get involved with other experts and professionals within the industry. The 3rd Quarter meeting takes place July 17th, 2019 – click here to register today!

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Our Buzz Forum is an open discussion via email. Posts get directly sent to your inbox, meaning you can jump into a discussion whenever you want. No topics are off limits and absolutely anyone can join – not just appraisers! This forum discusses appraiser experiences, shares valuable insider knowledge, and provides a safe area to discuss shared problems and solutions.

You have two options to choose from based on your preference:

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To join the Buzz Forum click here. You can also access the Appraisal Buzz Forum group on Facebook. The posts have recently has been all about the recent Congressional Hearing.

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Appraisal Buzz Magazine publishes twice a year featuring the latest industry “hot” topics! Stay up-to-date on the latest tools, tips, and guidance to help increase your productivity and grow your business.

The Appraisal Buzz Magazine is sent to over 70,000 appraisal professionals across the country on a rotating basis. One of the topics being covered this year includes green homes and their values – but not in the way you may think. Click here to subscribe today to receive this valuable resource!

Valuation Expo

Join us in Las Vegas from September 30th – October 2nd and discover why Valuation Expo is the number one place for appraisers to grow and collaborate!

This three-day event will deliver a chance to network and connect with some of the best minds in the real estate valuation field! Valuation Expo provides endless opportunities with potential new clients and will leave you with a toolbox full of new ideas that will help you stand out from your competition! Click here to register!

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