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Volly Launches New Mobile POS, Revamps its Mobile CRM Application

Volly, a provider of CRM, marketing automation, marketing store and POS solutions for banks and mortgage companies, has launched a new mobile point-of-sale (POS) application and has rebranded its existing CRM mobile app.

The new mobile POS application gives loan officers the ability to invite borrowers to apply or get prequalified from anywhere, anytime, whether at an open house with a real estate agent or out at the grocery store.

With the mobile POS solution, loan officers can track loan status, while borrowers can upload documents and view statuses and tasks, the company says in a press release.

Perhaps more importantly, the new POS enables direct communication between borrower and lender within the app, making for a seamless experience. Loan officers can invite their referral partners to download their lender-branded mobile app to easily setup their own account to invite borrower referrals and track a referral’s status within minutes.

Meanwhile, the revamped Volly CRM mobile application enables users to access customer databases, schedule meetings and view marketing activities. It sports Volly’s new corporate colors and includes a name change from CustomerManager to Volly.

Both of the applications are available on a white label basis.

“In today’s ultracompetitive environment, borrowers demand immediacy and responsiveness,” says Jerry Halbrook, CEO of Volly, in a release. “Our mobile apps allow loan officers to work more efficiently and dynamically to collaborate with customers and partners. We’re confident that this technology advancement will substantially improve the quality and satisfaction of the customer journey.”

Research shows that more than 34% of consumers are accustomed to using smartphones and computers for everything, including mortgages.

“Lenders that don’t have a mobile strategy will find themselves falling behind the ultra-competitive technology curve,” Halbrook adds.

Volly – previously known as LoyaltyExpress – recently underwent a corporate rebranding, following its acquisition last year of SoftVu, a provider of customer relationship management (CRM) software, and Lending Manager, a provider of digital POS solutions.

The newly rebranded entity delivers technology and marketing services that improve the mortgage lending process, with a focus on enabling loan officers to deliver time-sensitive, high-impact communications to consumers. 

The new Volly POS and Volly CRM applications are now available on Google Play (Android) and the Apple App Store (iOS).

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