Tuesday, December 6, 2022 | The Latest Buzz for the Appraisal Industry

Update on Thinking on MSAs; Jobs Date Shifts Rates Higher

By Rob Chrisman

Posted To: Pipeline Press

Yesterday at the MBA’s IMB conference, besides folks talking about Chase correspondent pricing through the market, wondering if 4:1 is the magic servicing valuation, and trying to clear up uncertainty on MSAs (see below), one of the panels focused on “emerging” markets: millennials & reverse mortgages. The consensus was that if you’re looking to captivate the millennial generation, more often than not, millennials are drawn towards companies that demonstrate philanthropic goals and take part in charitable activities. (More a few paragraphs down, with some pretty good information!) Hammerhouse has launched its 5th Annual Survey on Originators’ Opinions. The questions are centered on perceptions of producers at the street level and matters critical to supporting their relationships with referral…(read more)

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Via:: Update on Thinking on MSAs; Jobs Date Shifts Rates Higher