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Trainees Become Appraisers at Accurity Consolidated

HOUSTON, TX (May 25, 2022) – Before opening its doors in January of 2020, Accurity Consolidated laid out very specific goals to create a large wave of revival in the appraisal industry.

Educating new appraisers to freshen the industry with speed and innovation was near the top of the company’s to-do list, and Accurity is proud to announce talented appraisers in training have been reaching certification at a rapid pace – ready to do their part in the movement unfolding in the realm of real estate.

Most recently, four former Accurity Site Analysts completed their training programs, passed certification, and received state approval to advance their careers as appraisers of Accurity. Heather Marek, Matt Martin, Miguel Guerrero, and Peyton McKeever are now certified appraisers, providing top-quality services in fast-moving markets including Houston, Dallas-Fort Worth, and Phoenix.

“I was excited about the potential for growth,” said Marek, as she reflected on when she first came on board with Accurity. “Accurity gave me the certification prep time to take classes and log my hours for the state.”

Martin said from the very beginning he was impressed, and he now feels thankful to be with an organization that is forward-thinking, organized, and supportive.

“Accurity is a pioneer and leader in the industry,” Martin said. “Study our growth in the various markets around the country and you will see why we have built a great name and brand.”

“It has been the first job that I have loved,” he added.

Like most aspiring appraisers, when first starting out, both Guerrero and McKeever found it incredibly complicated to find an appraiser to train them so they could advance to becoming appraisers, themselves.

“The difficulty was insane,” Guerrero said. “The state’s list was outdated and consisted of many retired individuals who aren’t even in the field anymore.”

Guerrero described going through the provided list multiple times over the course of four months, doing follow-up calls to appraisers, and pitching himself to them to the best of his ability. “There were a lot of no’s and I could probably count on my fingers the number of maybe’s,” he said.

McKeever described the process of finding someone to train him as “extremely difficult.” He went on to say, “Most firms are family-run and/or owned and have the reputation of being difficult to break into. Finding a sponsor in your desired market, along with a livable salary, is even more difficult.”

Like it has been for so many others, Accurity was the answer for both Guerrero and McKeever, who said upon first impression, they were impressed by the company’s innovative processes and mission.

“I loved the model and the vision Accurity has established to create a successful movement,” Guerrero said.

When he found Accurity, McKeever said he felt a combination of excitement and nerves, but that it didn’t take long before he loved what he was observing when it came to the direction of the company. “I was pleased with where the company was going and really liked our focus on being leaders in the industry,” he said. “I was also impressed with our leadership and my supervisor, specifically.”

McKeever went on to say Accurity helped him by “giving great guidance along with regular training from other leading appraisers nationwide. Seeing other appraisers’ processes and procedures is a huge help. Shoutout to Brian K., Angela A., and Jeff M.”

For other aspiring appraisers reaching for the same kind of dreams and hitting walls in the industry, Guerrero had a piece of advice.

“Your peers are going through the same storm with you,” he said. “Just know you don’t have to be alone in a rowboat. Once you’re with Accurity, you’re on a grand ship. Instead of a storm, it’s a breeze. It’s just the way Accurity is.”

While they’ve accomplished so much in a short period of time, the dreams don’t end at certification for these four talented appraisers. Marek, Martin, Guerrero, and McKeever all said they plan to take advantage of the next-level opportunity Accurity has in place, continuing down the smooth path for advancement toward Accurity’s revolutionary appraiser position launched two years ago – the POD Appraiser. ­­­

Since January of 2020, Accurity Consolidated has rapidly grown to delivering record-fast appraisals across the country, with more expansion underway. Joined together with a unified vision and collaborative culture, the company is a home for those with ambitions to impact the appraisal industry.

Tom Armstrong, MAI

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