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The GoFundMe for Appraisers: Final Update

The Collateral Risk Network, LLC, a non-profit enterprise, set up a Gofundme fundraiser after the onset of COVID-19 as it became apparent that appraisers were at risk as they continued to inspect the interior of borrowers’ homes. The intention of the fund was to assist the surviving family member of any appraisers who died from COVID-19. The CRN wishes to thank the appraisal community for being so generous during this time of extreme stress. On June 15, 2020 the CRN identified a widow in Louisiana as being eligible to receive the fund in its entirety and disbursed the funds.

In total, the GoFundMe campaign raised $12,281. The criteria for distribution of these funds was that the person had to be an active appraiser, the person applying for the funds had to be a direct family member of the deceased appraiser, and they had to provide a death certificate which noted COVID-19 as the cause of death. There was one submission that met all of the criteria for distribution. A check in the amount of $12,281 was issued to the widow of the appraiser who resided in Louisiana. His widow expressed her profound thanks and asked that her identity remain anonymous.

It’s times like these that show us who the real heroes are. They are those who step up and do what’s necessary to help others whether they know them or not. It’s truly inspiring. The CRN thanks the appraisal community again for their incredible generosity.



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