Wednesday, December 7, 2022 | The Latest Buzz for the Appraisal Industry

The Brand New Buzz

During our lockdown, the Appraisal Buzz team decided to use our time wisely. We created a whole new website to better serve the needs of the appraisal community!

First, let us say thanks for two decades of loyal readership.

Our motivation was to make the Buzz experience more interactive than ever before. While Covid-19 has kept us in isolation for over a year, we know communication is critical and we wanted to leverage our large community and allow you to interact with each other.

Join the new Buzz Forum! Create your profile and add friends from the community! Now you won’t need a Facebook profile to comment on our feature articles. You can also make subgroups in our forum of your friends and get notified when there is a reply to your post.

With this new platform, we’ve created a community just for you. Here you can learn, network, and prosper by exchanging ideas with your peers and thought leaders in the industry.

Remember the Spanish Flu? Of course you don’t, but history tells us that the pandemic was followed by the “Roaring 20s.” One hundred years later, we are planning to do it again. If you are ready to bust out of captivity, we have a spectacular event planned. And yes, we believe this will be our biggest event ever.

Buzz Premium – 4.99/ pay per month
Now you can join with a membership that gets you inside deals and special perks that you won’t get anywhere else.

Buzz Forum – Create a profile and discuss the hot topics happening in the industry! We have experts moderating topics and creating new discussions on current events such as what’s happening in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac with Scott Reuter, the VA, and our town hall with Woody Fincham. Our town hall forum is our free-for-all discussion tab – rant and rave here, but please, no hair-pulling!

AMC Directory – Get access to this directory for free! Get the latest version of the AMC directory, which is published biannually in an easily downloadable and printable format. This includes up-to-date contact information for chief appraisers and vendor managers. The new Spring AMC Directory will be available in April 2021~

Appraisal Buzz Magazine – Premium Buzz members will get access to the digital magazine as well as guaranteed receipt of the print version. Our magazine highlights what’s happening today with articles written by experts within the appraisal industry.

Webinars – Get free access to every Appraisal Buzz Webinar. Watch it live or catch the recording whenever you have the time! Some of our past webinars include “Best Practices for Desktop and Drive-By Appraisals during the Coronavirus,” “Supporting Adjustments 3 Part Bundle Package,” and “Show Me The Money!”

Buzz Premium is only $4.99/mo. Click here to get started with your premium subscription!

Buzz Premium Plus – $59.88/ pay per year

Valuation Expo Discount – Get 50% off your Valuation Expo pass as part of the early bird price. Discount is only valid between March 1st – April 1st.
*See conference terms and conditions.

Valuation Expo will be hosted at the Bellagio Hotel, September 8-10! Save big when you become a member with a 50% discount on your General Session Pass! Check out our new sessions with leaders in the industry and gain valuable knowledge such as GSEs and their response to COVID-19, a Third-Party Inspection Debate, and old sessions you know and love such as Lenders & Vendors Live! The room rate for this event is only $109 – save big when you become a member!

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