Thursday, September 28, 2023 | The Latest Buzz for the Appraisal Industry

Technology in the Appraisal Industry with Vlad Bien-Aime

In today’s Buzzcast, we dive into how technology has changed within the appraisal industry, where it seems to be headed, and the benefits of emerging tech today. Today we have Vlad Bien-Aime, President and CEO of Global DMS, with Joan Trice, Founder of Allterra Group, LLC. We’ll be getting the inside scoop while Joan and Vlad discuss the influence and impact that technology has on the industry.

What are some examples of change within the last 10 years? What are some of the advantages of some new technologies this past year? What are some of the problems we see today that could potentially be fixed by technology? These questions and much more will be answered between Vlad and Joan as they dive into more about technology in the appraisal industry.

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