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November, 2023: StartDeck announces multifamily and commercial report software and short-form templates
for Google Workspace — 100% cloud-based appraisal tools with step-by-step instruction.

Industry veteran Tom Armstrong has launched, a complete toolset for multifamily and commercial appraisal assignments, complete with high-quality short-form templates with set-by-step instruction, designed for those new to narrative report writing and power-users alike.

StartDeck offers four core templates: multifamily, commercial (office, retail, industrial, general commercial), mixed-use and commercial land. These short-form templates provide concise, high quality content with detailed instruction, tips and best practice guidance, including USPAP. These templates also feature automation features, such as forms and pre-set options, to speed up and guide the appraiser through the workflow. The workflow is completed with digital signatures, delivery and tracking.

Tom Armstrong, StartDeck developer and CEO emphasizes: “One of our strongest features is the quality of our stream-lined templates and built-in validation checks. Users can have confidence their analyses are in line with professional standards.”

More from Armstrong: “StartDeck is the first appraisal platform designed to help appraisers learn commercial and multifamily appraisal. Our goal is to guide new users efficiently through the process, and empower more experienced appraisers with state-of-the-art report writing tools.”

StartDeck makes it easy to organize teams with centralized templates and projects, workflow transparency, and shared resources, ideal for remote teams.

StartDeck is supported on Mac, iOS, Windows, and Android. This is the first platform that is OS and device independent, allowing teams to work seamlessly on the platform and device of their choice, running on the robust Google platform.

About StartDeck
StartDeck develops a full suite of automated software solutions for appraisers to produce high quality reports for clients around the world. StartDeck products are available for appraisers, assessors and lenders.

About Tom Armstrong, CEO
Armstrong previously developed Narrative1, which he sold in 2015 (now part of the Lightbox suite), and has worked with the nation’s leading firms, banks and assessors building templates and workflows for multifamily and commercial appraisal. Today, thousands of appraisals are produced on templates and software originally developed by Armstrong.

Contact Info:
The Enterprise Center
1 Bridge Street, Plymouth, NH

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