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SAVVI integrates with a la mode, Bringing you the fourth approach to value


Coming together to meet todays appraiser’s needs

Incorporating your analysis into your report just got easier.

You can now access SAVVI through a la mode. Importing regression into your report is now fast and easy.

Two powerful tools connect

With a la mode’s award winning software and Savvi’s analysis program, appraisers can now combine the two seamlessly. A la mode’s import tool makes it easy to import Savvi regression into your report. Go into your appraisal form, click on dashboard and select SAVVI – connect to the highest level of automated regression analysis possible.

Today’s appraisers are looking for solid data analysis for their appraisal report and are moving into the next level of appraising using the fourth approach to value. SAVVI is the first automated regression analysis made just for appraisers. Savvi supplies appraisers all the tools needed to complete a full analysis.

  • Automated regression Cross reference County data
  • MLS import MappingSavvi_Feature_newletter
  • Ranking comps Free webinars
  • Supporting data Time adjustment
  • Condition score Automated importing
  • Cross reference County data
  • Mapping
  • Free webinars
  • Time adjustment
  • Automated importing

Easy to use. Once you have completed you analysis you can select a la mode’s export button. Your appraisal report will be automatically filled with your selected comparables along with regression based adjustments. SAVVI also supplies all support analysis for your addendum.
A full analysis of your data



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