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Regular Gasoline Came & Went Too – The Hybrids Are Coming

For anyone who has spent any time around the water cooler at any number of the continuing education classes or conventions of late, it seems the hot topic of discussion has been the out of date forms in use. Many of us may have to take a glance down to the corner of the page to realize the last time the forms were changed was in 2005 and before that it was in 1996. We’re coming up on the 10 year mark so we should all be expecting an overhaul of the forms soon, or at least we hope so… With so many changes in requirements over the last decade and more importantly the leaps in technology advancements a new form should be developed to incorporate changes.

The most prevalent changes or additions being the Market Conditions form, prior services disclosures, exposure time, and appraisal report identification to name a few. A new form should be developed to incorporate the market conditions into the neighborhood section, the exposure time incorporated into the bottom of the market grid section, prior services in the certification section, and the report identification ideally would be in the pre-printed addenda sections along with intended use and user statements. These are just some ideas and suggestions that have been kicked around and there are no doubt many others out there. There are also some sections or parts of the current forms that can be removed or shortened. With technology being what it is anymore, everyone wants the appraisal done faster and cheaper. Streamlining a new form seems to make the most sense. Keeping the appraiser doing what they do best, spending more time on analysis of the market as opposed to data entry. On the other hand, we may all begin to see a plethora of new forms in the next year or so. New forms are being developed every day in the way of hybrids.

The next generation of forms are here in the way of hybrids. Are you ready?

[author image=”” ]Luke Tomaszewski is the Chief Residential Appraiser for eValuation ZONE, Inc. In his career of 8 years appraising, he has experienced the housing market in rise, fall, and resurgence as well as the implementation of many new regulations. Currently Luke’s work has allowed him to expand thoughts, ideas, and experience to a national level. Reimagining the way business is conducted, new appraisers are trained, as well as becoming more efficient as an appraiser, company, and industry. Luke is one of many in the next generation of appraisal.[/author]



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