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Real Estate Appraisers Share Why They Chose Their Career Path

Real Estate Appraisers Share Why They Chose Their Career PathThere are many reasons to choose a career in real estate appraisal. We recently surveyed members of our appraisal community to find out about how they got into the business. Many appraisers also shared why they chose their career path. Below, real-life appraisers share a variety of reasons why they were drawn to the appraisal profession.

Had a positive experience

“Had a relative in the business. I used to ride around with him sometimes, and I just loved seeing what was done.”

“I began helping a member of my family a number of years ago and decided to become an appraiser as a result of it.”

“I worked as a construction worker when I was a teenager and was always interested in home construction and home sales. I worked several jobs and then began to work for an appraiser making appointments, running to the courthouse, getting pictures developed, etc. I just loved the business and decided to get my license and do my dream job every day.”

Needed a flexible schedule

“I got into it because of the flexible schedule with being the mother of three children. It took me six months after taking my trainee classes to get someone to take me on as a trainee.”

“Had to pick a career that worked with being a single mom who loved houses.”

“I didn’t want to work for someone else and have to miss a lot of my kids’ moments/events.”

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Seized an opportunity

“As I was building my first house, I noticed that I had paid an appraiser to appraise my plans, then every time I made a draw. Then when I completed it and got my final loan, it was appraised again. So I got to thinking…these appraisers are making good money! And if they could do it, then I could figure out how….”

“Answered an ad in the paper to train as a commercial appraiser.”

“I went through a divorce and was misled and lied to about my property. I decided that I would be an appraiser and appraise homes at market value and make sure this did not happen to anyone else.”

Enjoyed looking at houses (but not selling them)

“My family was in real estate. My dad was a broker, and I did not like sales, but I like looking at houses. When the chance came up to work as an appraiser for the assessor’s office, I took it. I have never been sorry for that choice. I no longer appraise for taxes but am an independent fee appraiser. It’s a good profession.”

Started as a real estate agent for a couple years and was more intrigued with valuing the property than selling it. Really enjoy it now. Wouldn’t change it for the world. Thanks McKissock for helping me get my license.

Needed a change

“16 months after graduating college it was clear I had made a poor career choice. As a result, I started researching careers that did not require me to sit in a cubicle 50 hours a week. After finding the appraisal profession in my research, I found a local appraiser that was kind enough to take a meeting with me.”

“I was downsized out of my 18+ yr employment. A friend who was an appraiser and real estate broker found out and, due to my knowledge as an investor in real estate, thought it would be a good fit. And as it turns out, she was correct.”

“I have a couple friends that have been successful in the business and have always loved real estate and needed a career change, so here I am looking forward to an exciting and successful career.”

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