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Supporting Adjustments Part 1


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This is a recording of part 1 of a 3 part series.

Collateral Underwriter is coming and the profession is abuzz about it. But what does this mean for those appraisers that are doing Fannie Mae work? While we will not really know exactly how this will affect appraisers until after the implementation has had time to roll out, we can prepare with a return to some common sense methods. We can also look at some other simple ways to enhance what analysis we are already using.

Presented by: Woody Fincham, SRA

Woody Fincham, SRA is the Senior Land Preservation Tax Credit Appraisal Consultant for the Department of Taxation in Virginia. He also manages a private appraisal practice that specializes in residential valuation with a focus on non-lender reports, review and a small portfolio of lender work. Woody is very involved with the Appraisal Institute and was a discussion leader for the 2014 Leadership Development & Advisory Council. He has also been a non-member participant in the Collateral Risk Network and has recently joined the ranks of national instructors for the Appraisal Institute.