Thursday, December 7, 2023 | The Latest Buzz for the Appraisal Industry

Defending Appraisers: Being State Board & Civil Litigation Ready


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Every year approximately 5 percent of appraisers will face a situation where they need their defense lawyer and we want you to be prepared because the stakes are your license.

Prominent appraiser defense attorney Craig Capilla has engaged on almost 1,000 appraiser cases in his career. In this session, he brings that wealth of experience and is joined by Anow COO Keith Ellis in evaluating how Anow could help appraisers in the face of State board action or Civil Litigation.

We want appraisers to be hardened targets against board complaints and civil litigation.

Craig Capilla is a trial defense lawyer who draws his experience from leading almost 1,000 appraiser-related cases. Starting in real estate law, he transitioned to Illinois’ professional regulation agency as a real estate prosecutor in 2008, resolving hundreds of appraiser cases and bringing over 60 to trial. Craig is part of the prestigious professional liability focused, Franklin Law Group.

Keith Ellis, ANOW’s Chief Operating Officer, spent a decade forecasting the future of the technology industry, has overseen projects like blueprinting the modernization of unemployment tax and benefit systems for a consortium of States, and sits on the board of organizations like the International Institute of Business Analysis.