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New Positions at Freddie Mac Concentrate on Equity in Housing

Freddie Mac has created two new senior leadership roles in its single-family and multifamily business lines that are dedicated to addressing equity in housing. Pamela Perry will serve as vice president, single-family equitable housing, and Amanda Nunnink will serve as vice president, equity in multifamily housing.

Perry will lead a newly formed team responsible for creating solutions to break through historical barriers to achieving homeownership for minority families across the income spectrum, which has direct implications for wealth accumulation.

She brings 25 years of legal experience in the financial services industry, with expertise in fair housing and community development. Perry joined Freddie Mac in 2011 to oversee the company’s fair lending program. She previously advised on solutions for complex corporate finance transactions with firms such as JP Morgan Chase & Co.

Nunnink will lead efforts to create sustainable improvements for renters and the rental housing industry and work across multifamily to elevate diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) principles throughout the division. Nunnink, who brings nearly a decade of experience working with Freddie Mac’s Optigo network, will leverage her deep relationships with investors, lenders and borrowers to drive industry-wide outcomes.

Nunnink joined Freddie Mac in 2012 in production and sales, where she led the development of several of Freddie Mac multifamily’s more innovative offerings. Prior, Nunnink held various production roles for banks and investment groups. Nunnink will also continue most of her duties as vice president, multifamily investor relations, until she fully transitions to her new role.

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