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Nationwide Rents and Coastal Property Values Continue Higher; MI news

By Rob Chrisman

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“Congress extends Mortgage Debt Forgiveness Act ” – hey, that’s good news, right? In fact the Senate approved a bill that would retroactively extend over 50 expiring tax provisions for one year, including the one that shields distressed homeowners from paying taxes on any mortgage debt forgiven in a short sale. What do some folks think of the mortgage insurance company Essent ? Here’s a current offering . The latest Issue of Arch MI’s Housing and Mortgage Market Review with a new version of the Arch MI Risk Index is currently available. If you would like to read its fall review, click here . Good loan officers are very aware of the trends out there, especially in the rental markets. Zelman and Associates November survey parallels the data supported by other industry experts that the high cost…(read more)

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Via:: Nationwide Rents and Coastal Property Values Continue Higher; MI news


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