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Mortgage Rates Steady at 2014 Lows

By Matthew Graham

Posted To: Mortgage Rate Watch

Mortgage rates held steady today on average, but were slightly higher or lower depending on the lender. In either case, there hasn’t been much movement from Friday’s latest rate sheet offerings. That leaves 3.875% intact as the most prevalent conforming 30yr-fixed quote for top tier scenarios. 3.75% is very close and 4.0% is now clearly in 3rd place. 15yr loans haven’t been performing as well recently–gaining less ground on good days and losing more on bad days compared to their 30yr counterparts. The financial markets underlying mortgage rate movement continue coping with an abnormal set of variables. While there may not be any true “normal” when it comes to markets, there are certainly more ‘average’ times which account for 80% or so of past precedent. During those average times, interest…(read more)

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