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MBS RECAP: Lack of Data Today, Snowstorm Tomorrow Taking Toll on Participation

By Matthew Graham

Posted To: MBS Commentary

After two weeks of elevated volumes and activity, today hearkened back to old-fashioned Mondays . Participation was light, market movement was largely an overnight affair, and there was a general absence of interesting info during the domestic session. While we will add a bit of economic data to the domestic calendar tomorrow, it’s now looking like the weather in New York may be keeping financial market participation subdued yet again. So what are the implications of thinner participation in capital markets? If today was any indication, not much, but that’s not always the case. Generally speaking, decreased participation usually means that every dollar of trading that manages to occur has more than the average dollar’s worth of impact when it comes to moving trading levels. In other…(read more)

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Via:: MBS RECAP: Lack of Data Today, Snowstorm Tomorrow Taking Toll on Participation


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