Monday, October 2, 2023 | The Latest Buzz for the Appraisal Industry

MBS Day Ahead: Not Another Crappy ‘Year-in-Review’

By Matthew Graham

Posted To: MBS Commentary

The only thing more tedious than of my technical explanations are those journalistic elements that you just KNOW are coming. Let me explain. Imagine a thief steals a bunch of watches, is unable to sell them, and subsequently returns them. In that case, you know it won’t be long until every news headline is some iteration: Thief Unable to Live on Borrowed Time, etc. More germane today would be the tendency to tie article headlines and themes into recurring events, such as holidays. You know how those go. Markets are spooked on Halloween, Originators are thankful on Thanksgiving, and hoping not to get lumps of coal at Christmas. So with today being New Year’s Eve, we all know what’s coming–at least those of us who are actually reading the news today. Ironically, and existentially…(read more)

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