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MBS Day Ahead: New Year Wastes no Time; Highly-Charged Calendar of Events

By Matthew Graham

Posted To: MBS Commentary

This week promises to be nothing like the last 2. Market participation already began ramping back up on Friday and that should be exponentially true in the coming days. Not only is it the first full week of 2015, but there are significant events to tackle as well. The first order of business for global financial markets this month will be digesting Eurozone news and developments. Over the weekend, an interview with Mario Draghi (ECB President) in a German newspaper made the rounds. Interestingly enough, the news first hit on Thursday, but wasn’t credited as a market mover until early overnight trading today. Even now, it’s not so much that the interview is receiving credit from actual market participants as much as it is the last salient Draghi communication before an inexplicable drop…(read more)

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