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MBS Day Ahead: Market Momentum vs FOMC Announcement

By Matthew Graham

Posted To: MBS Commentary

Today’s FOMC Announcement at 2pm is a bit of a puzzler, because it has the capability to be one of the more important recent announcements. One reason for this is that the Fed tends to “go big” when there’s an announcement followed by a Yellen press conference. Today’s is. The other reason is the possibility that the Fed drops the “considerable time” verbiage used to refer to how long rates would remain low after the end of asset purchases. Now for the biggest Fed-related question: if they do drop the “considerable time” verbiage, would anyone care? It’s not like the time frame they’ve been referencing is that far away (mid-2015). And it’s not like anyone should be too surprised that we’re progressing toward market metrics that justify…(read more)

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