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MBS Day Ahead: How Big a Deal is This Swiss Franc Business?

By Matthew Graham

Posted To: MBS Commentary

This chart was scaled based on everything that came before yesterday in order to see how big yesterday was by comparison. The red line is the Swiss Franc vs US dollars. The takeaway here is that the move was big. You may ask yourself “why compare the Franc to US dollars as opposed to the Euro?” You may also ask yourself how did you get here? Where is that large automobile? I’ll answer those questions some other time. For now, let’s stick to why the chart above includes Swiss Francs vs Dollars. The answer is as simple as a chart where the red line is the more germane Swiss Francs vs Euros. In other words, the move was too big to put on a chart with any other mainstream financial instrument and still be able to observe relative movement that doesn’t just look like a big…(read more)

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