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LIBOR Use Update Call and Other Events; Supply and Demand Determine Rates

By Rob Chrisman

Posted To: Pipeline Press

With plenty of texts flying around regarding the MBA’s conference in San Diego that starts today and thus the early commentary, here is an “exciting” tidbit – text messages are old enough to be college graduates. The first text message was sent on this date in 1992 – 22 years ago. It was sent by Neil Papworth, an England-based software developer. “Merry Christmas” was the first text. It is rumored that the second text was, “who dat?” Yes, technology has come a long way, and Millennials demand it. Sometimes LOs have difficulty explaining to borrowers why a residential loan can take weeks or months to process when places like Lending Club can make a decision in a matter of seconds . I guess if you want job security, HUD is the place to be. It seems that HUD has a very low rate of firing anyone…(read more)

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Via:: LIBOR Use Update Call and Other Events; Supply and Demand Determine Rates


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