Wednesday, November 29, 2023 | The Latest Buzz for the Appraisal Industry

Inflated appraisal at the center of $250M dispute

A Dallas jury reached its verdict on whether one banking giant knowingly passed off an inflated appraisal on another, resulting in $250 million in losses. Continue reading to see the details of the case.

Via:: Inflated appraisal at the center of $250M dispute


Mark Buhler

The Surfing Appraiser

Riding the waves of the appraisal profession can result in a range of outcomes and emotions over time. Appraisers, and surfers, have varying levels of

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Timothy Andersen, MAI, MSc., CDEI, MNAA

“Naked, Unarmed, and Alone?”

Question: “My state board recently charged me with authoring a misleading report. I got the client to write a letter to the state indicating my

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