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ieIMPACT’s Appraisal Data Entry Service Completes 5 Years and Wins Trust of 2000 Appraisers

US Real Estate appraisers are turning to ieIMPACT for error-free and fast turnaround reports. ieIMPACT has typed more than 150,000 appraisal reports since 2009.

ieIMPACT’s Appraisal Data Entry Service Completes 5 Years and Wins Trust of 2000 Appraisers

 San Jose, CA – Online appraisal data entry firm, ieIMPACT, is now providing faster and more cost-effective real estate appraisal reports without compromising on accuracy, thanks to its 24/7/365 workforce, stringent quality measures and advanced web services.

Based in San Jose California, ieIMPACT provides low-cost appraisal data entry services for busy US real estate appraisers, allowing them to focus more on their valuation analysis.

ieIMPACT knows that time is of the essence for appraisers. Earlier, appraisers had the deadline of midnight to submit data for data entry; otherwise their reports could be delayed by a full 24 hours.

Now, ieIMPACT has eliminated that deadline and appraisers can submit the data any time by visiting ieimpact.com and can still get reports completed within same day, no matter what time it is submitted. For rush reports, they can choose a 6-hour ETA service by paying just $1.99 extra.

Now appraisers can accept those rush orders from demanding clients, which were otherwise not possible to complete without taking the help from appraiser assistants like ieIMPACT. The risk of losing such clients is huge if appraisers cannot deliver in-time.

“As your external aide, ieIMPACT understood this unmet need of appraisers. This is basically getting back those lost orders.” said ieIMPACT’s founder Hemant Jindal.

In real estate appraisals, increasingly ieIMPACT was being asked to deliver appraisal reports in shorter and shorter timeframes while making no room for error; so despite the improved speed, ieIMPACT still puts accuracy at its core.

ieIMPACT now checks the quality of every report quadruple times. Each report is double checked by the same typist, and then each report is checked by a different QA specialist before sending it to the client. Then after the report is delivered, a senior staff member picks reports to check again. These four quality checks ensure the reports are always 100% accurate.

One more factor helping drive ieIMPACT’s new service level is its web servers. By moving its web servers to Amazon.com’s AWS Cloud, ieIMPACT is now able to provide appraisers 100% up-time, fastest file transfers and 100% secure access. In short, the company can provide the 100% reliability to appraisers looking for a team of appraisal assistants. That’s why it provides a 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee.


About ieIMPACT

Based in San Jose California, ieIMPACT Technologies Inc. has been making appraisers’ lives easier since 2009 with its 24/7/365 real estate appraisal data entry services. ieIMPACT has a workforce of around 200 dedicated employees. To date, the company has typed over 150,000 appraisal reports manually for more than 2000 appraisers spread across the United States.


Name: John Bowen
Phone: 1 888 694 0005
Email: John@ieimpact.com
Organization name: ieIMPACT Technologies Inc.



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