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How to Pass Your Appraiser License Exam the First Time

How to Pass Your Appraiser License Exam the First Time

All real estate appraisers must pass the National Uniform Licensing and Certification Examination as the final step toward earning their appraiser license. The exam is not easy. According to The Appraisal Foundation exam statistics for 2017, 1 in 3 people fail the Licensed Residential exam and 1 in 4 people fail the Certified Residential exam on the first try. Here’s how to pass your appraiser license exam the first time.

Take high-quality licensing courses

Before you can take the national certification exam, you’ll need to meet the AQB’s qualifying education requirements for your specific license level. Be sure to enroll in high-quality appraisal courses and take your coursework seriously. Soaking up the material over a period of time vs. cramming at the last minute will give you a much better chance of passing.

Need courses? McKissock is the industry leader in appraisal licensing education. Shop course packages.

Go into the appraiser license exam feeling confident

Fight nervousness by knowing what’s on the exam. A test prep program like McKissock’s Appraisal Exam Prep is an excellent way to familiarize yourself with the exam material and format. That way, you can go into it feeling confident and capable of peak performance.

Spend your preparation time wisely

Focus your time on the areas where you need to study more. McKissock’s Appraisal Exam Prep includes helpful practice exams that can be customized by topic. So you can spend more time on the material you need the most help with.

Know the vocabulary

Make sure you’re familiar with vocabulary words that may show up in each area of the exam. We recommend using effective study aids such as flashcards. Our exam prep program comes with flashcards that cover over 400 key terms and definitions.

Take practice exams

The best way to prepare for the National Uniform Licensing and Certification Examination is to practice. McKissock’s exam prep packages for residential appraisers include practice exams that simulate the real thing. Practice tests can be customized by topic or taken as a full practice exam that is scored at the end. When you have completed 100% of the testing bank and are scoring an average of 80% or higher, you are ready to take the national exam and officially receive your appraiser license.

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