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Heartfelt Message from Joan Trice

Joan Trice
Joan Trice, Founder and CEO of Clearbox, LLC

Dear Appraisal Community:

I want to thank you for the continued support you have shown Valuation Expo over the years. It has been a labor of love connecting vendors and lenders with appraisers. Whoever said “do what you love, and you will be successful” couldn’t have been more right! I have assembled an amazingly talented and dedicated team that always adheres to the same exact standards and principles I have set for myself. My team- Karen, Jim, Melissa, Deb, and Irimar do such a great job, they make it look easy!

Trust me when I tell you there is nothing easy about the planning and execution of a conference. It takes years of mistakes and gratefully the ones we’ve made must have graciously been forgiven. We’ve had tremendous challenges like a lengthy housing crisis, a mass shooting in Las Vegas, a riot in Baltimore, and a few hurricanes in Florida. Now we can add a pandemic to the list.

We aren’t going to let that stop us.

While we can’t hold an onsite conference, we surely can move our event online; so that’s exactly what we’ve done. Now, I am also going to ask you to mobilize. Sitting around and worrying about your future likely isn’t working for you and won’t help your bottom line either.

Since I started hosting Valuation Expo in 2003, I’ve heard – I can’t afford to go, I can’t take time away from the office, I hate (insert any name of any city), I don’t know what to expect, I am too busy, I am not busy enough, I don’t know that to wear, and the list goes on and on.

We’ve removed all the barriers to entry, so this really is a no brainer. No travel expenses and no leaving the office. Watch it live or watch the recording (program available for 30 days post event). No professional attire needed. The only legitimate reason to not register today would be that you are about to retire sometime very soon and have made a proactive decision to not invest in yourself.

Why can I say this so confidently? Because we have the most professional appraisers, valued sponsors, best exhibitors, dedicated lenders, faithful vendors, and the best speakers to be found anywhere. It takes the entire community pulling together to make for a successful event. Your world and mine have been turned upside down. It is imperative that you be in the know. You must be prepared. It’s just that simple.

Register today and use my FOJ50 (Friend of Joan $50 off) coupon code. Get plugged in so you know what is happening in the now and what is about to come. You are worth it.

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