Friday, 20 May 2022 | The Latest Buzz for the Appraisal Industry

 Giving the Power Back to Appraisers

In today’s Buzzcast, we dive into the death of the appraisal firm and how we can bounce back better than ever. Today we have Jim Morrison, VP of Marketing and Sales for Allterra Group, and Kim Perotti, Co-President of Axis AMC. We’ll be getting the inside scoop while they discuss what an appraisal firm could do for your business.

Why do you see a “Death” in the appraisal firm? In what ways can this be fixed and how can I benefit from it? How are trainees and diversity something that can be beneficial in a firm? These questions and much more will be answered as Jim and Kim have their discussion on this.

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  1. What does an AMC do for an appraiser?
    Appraisers are independent business people and business owners. AMCs want 30%+ of a fee.
    All AMCs do is take away reasonable fees and charge for tech fees. The AMC pays none of the appraiser’s education classes, E&O, licensing fees, data fees, software fees, computer costs, phone costs, office costs, supplies, gas, cameras or anything else necessary to be an appraiser.
    How would my firm benefit as for most fees offered I would not be able to get any good appraisers to work with me as the fees would not cover salaries and costs?

    1. Appraisers should be concentrating on getting a fair fee, not how much the AMC is getting. I agree that sometimes it is fishy and is just wrong, especially here in Florida where they do not have to disclose. I have seen some very questionable practices from a few of the AMC’s. I decided to just worry about my fee, I know what my value is, they either pay it or dont and I never pay a tech fee, that is their cost of business. Set your fee and stick to it, you know what your work is worth. The lenders know a bad appraisal when they see one. The AMC’s hiring the low fee appraisers will be weeded out just like the appraisers doing those jobs. Do a quality report and bill what your worth.

  2. Hi Russell,

    I can’t speak for other AMCs but AXIS’ fee to the client is not 30%+ of the overall appraisal fee. If you would like specific strategies for growing a firm and how effective it can be, I’m happy to discuss this with you.


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