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Do’s and Don’ts for Prospective Home Buyers: Christmas Edition

By Ted Rood

Posted To: Community Commentary

Here’s a special Christmas edition of Do’s and Don’ts for prospective buyers or refinancing homeowners embarking on, or already engaged in the mortgage process. In case it needs to be said, the “Don’ts” are strictly for comedy (though many are based on real world examples of things that will kill or greatly delay the mortgage process and/or impact your satisfaction with your new home). The “Do’s,” on the other hand, are potentially valuable nuggets of information that may greatly improve your mortgage experience. In fact, many of them can end up making a difference in the success or failure of a loan, and can help avoid costly delays . Do: Invite your new neighbors to a housewarming holiday brunch following your closing. Don’t: Deduct the cost of your Christmas tree and candy canes as “business…(read more)

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