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DataMaster, Software for Appraisers, is now offered in GAMLS

LAYTON, UT – GAMLS is pleased to announce that DataMaster is now offered in the Atlanta area! DataMaster is an appraisal tool that will import GAMLS data directly into your appraisal software. DataMaster, a revolutionary software import tool for residential appraisers saving them both time and money, is now available for the first time in the Atlanta area (GAMLS).


DataMaster, based in Layton, Utah, continues on its rapid growth pattern. Currently available in over 40 MLS markets across the country, that number will continue to expand throughout 2015. This impressive growth along with millions of appraisals being done each year using DataMaster attests to the quality of the product and the benefit it is to residential appraisers nationwide.

DataMaster is software that works hand in hand with the appraiser’s forms software. It electronically transfers the data the appraiser selects, both MLS and Public Records data directly into the appraisal forms software, thus eliminating re-typing of the data. DataMaster will also calculate in seconds the 1004 Market Conditions report and transfers that information directly into the appraisal forms. In addition, it creates 16 graphs to support the market trends. By not having to re-type, this data transfer will eliminate typos and reduce errors making the appraisal report more accurate. Another powerful feature of DataMaster is the customization tool. This allows the appraiser to personalize the data how he wants it to appear in the report.

According to Gary Cox, vice president of marketing for DataMaster, appraisers using the DataMaster software have reported saving over an hour per report, enabling them to be more productive and increase their appraisal output.

DataMaster is currently offering a free 14-Day Trial. For a free, no obligation demonstration, call 888-362-9222. To download the free trial and to see more about this game-changing software, go to


About DataMaster:
DataMaster is a residential appraisal software tool serving thousands of appraisers throughout the U.S. DataMaster imports MLS data and public record data directly into the appraisal software, eliminating the hassle of data entry and reducing typos and other mistakes. DataMaster will produce a 1004MC report in just seconds and appraisers can save over an hour per report, helping them do more in less time. Each year millions of appraisals are being completed using DataMaster. For more information, go to



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