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CubiCasa: Your Mobile Floor Plan Tool

CubiCasa is the app that appraisers need to revolutionize how their business works day-to-day. Join us for our upcoming free webinar on December 5th at 2 pm ET, “CubiCasa: Your Mobile Floor Plan Tool” and learn all about this new technology in the industry with Eric Hackman, Director of Customer Success & Support of CubiCasa, and Genevieve Cline, Business Analyst for CubiCasa. We sat down with our hosts, Eric Hackman and Genevieve Cline, to get the inside scoop on this upcoming webinar.

Buzz: What is your background in the industry?
Eric Hackman: Before joining Cubicasa in February, I spent the previous 19 years in the real estate valuation space with organizations such as Rels Valuation, CoreLogic, and Clear Capital, holding positions focused on quality assurance, panel relations, and client account management.  
Genevieve Cline: My background consists largely of data analysis and research in the valuation space. Prior to that, I had experience working with quality validation in financial transactions for lenders.

Buzz: What is CubiCasa?
Eric Hackman: CubiCasa is a mobile application that allows the user to easily scan a home with their smartphone in 5-10 minutes and get back a high quality floor plan. We offer an appraiser focused product that includes GLA, exterior dimensions, area calculations, and more, aligning to the ANSI standard.

Buzz: How is technology changing the appraisal industry?
Eric Hackman: A major impact of technology we’re seeing is in the availability and consistency of information. Many issues we see in the appraisal industry relate to inconsistency, unreliability, or lack of objectivity in public records. Using a floor plan (or other technology derived data) brings objectivity and consistency to the process that can improve consumer and lender confidence. At CubiCasa, we have a mission to have a floor plan on every listing, and one of the benefits we see is giving the industry better information to work with.

Buzz: What are some of the benefits of creating these floor plans through the app?
Eric Hackman:

  • Avoid the need to manually measure and sketch the property, saving the user both time on site and in the office, while producing a high quality GLA output aligned with ANSI measuring standards.

  • Large and complex properties, we love them!  We’ll share some examples during our webinar that demonstrate the capabilities of our technology.

  • No need to bring measuring tools on site.  We’re the most scalable mobile scanning technology in the industry supporting both Apple and Android devices and it’s super easy to use with little to no training required!

Buzz: Why should appraisers attend your webinar?
Eric Hackman: This is a great opportunity to understand some of the different ways for appraisers to do what they do best: research and analyze data to develop credible opinions and conclusions regarding a property’s value. This includes utilizing objective digitized data, such as a floor plan with ANSI-aligned GLA. And there’s no better time to evaluate and embrace modern technology and approaches than during a market lull, such as most are currently experiencing. Honing skills and tools now will allow appraisers to be more efficient and effective when market activity picks back up.

Make sure to join us for our upcoming free webinar on December 5th at 2 pm ET, “CubiCasa: Your Mobile Floor Plan Tool” Can’t make that time? Sign up to receive the recording directly in your inbox!

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