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Commercial Appraisers in Demand: Valcre Discusses Pathway to Career Expansion

Residential appraisers looking to level-up up increasingly turn to Valcre, the premier valuation software for the commercial real estate industry, to diversify asset specialization and capture higher fees

SAN DIEGO (MARCH, 2023) — Given the slowdown in residential real estate, now is a great time for appraisers to diversify their ability and enter the commercial appraisal market. The appraisers who have already expanded their product offering to include commercial work by getting licensed and learning a new process and technology are significantly seeing higher yields, and more revenue than their counterparts who only focus on residential. 

With this in mind, Valcre, the premier valuation software for the commercial real estate industry, which is used to create over 50,000 commercial real estate appraisals annually, worth more than $50 billion across five countries, is partnering with Appraisal Buzz to deliver a presentation on March 21st, at 11 pm Pacific / 2pm Eastern time titled: “Commercial appraisers in demand: Valcre discusses a pathway to career expansion”

“Commercial appraisals are slightly more complicated than residential appraisals, yet they yield significantly higher fees,” said Grant Norling, MAI, VP Client Experience, and Co-Founder of Valcre. “Valcre is committed to sharing the same tools that we offer to our multinational clients to residential appraisers, giving them a leg-up, and allowing them to easily enter the commercial appraisal market.” 

“Commercial appraisals always intrigued me, but I wasn’t familiar with the market so I stayed away. I recently had the opportunity for someone who knew what they were doing to mentor me, said Eugene Thomas – Real Estate Broker, Developer, Class A Contractor & Appraiser at River City Enterprises, LLC. “Now I find that with commercial projects I produce a better quality product for the customer. Thanks to Valcre I’ve gotten up the learning curve much quicker than if I was to do it alone. I’m excited for the future, because there’s a lot of opportunity on the commercial side right now.”

“Our goal at Appraisal Buzz is to educate our community about cutting-edge tools and services that can improve their business and increase their bottom-line,” Jim Morrison, Vice President of Marketing and Sales for Allterra Group, LLC. “We believe that enabling residential appraisers to use the right tools, such as Valcre’s software, will allow them to diversify their client mix, and give them the opportunity to expand their portfolio.”

During this webinar, Appraisal Buzz members will learn about:

  • Why diversify into commercial?
  • How to diversify into commercial?
  • Adopting new technology
  • Case studies of appraisers who expanded their offerings using Valcre 

Join Team Valcre for an online webinar Tuesday, March 21 at 11 pm Pacific / 2pm Eastern. Hear from Valcre’s Grant Norling, MAI, VP Client Experience and Co-Founder, and Mark Vella, Valcre’s Senior Software Engineer, two former commercial appraisers each with more than 20 years of experience about how residential appraisers can expand business during these uncertain economic times.”

This Online webinar is available to all Appraisal Buzz members. Please sign up with Learn about Valcre’s industry-leading commercial appraisal software at

About Valcre

Valcre is the premier valuation software for the commercial real estate industry. It is trusted by more than 300 leading organizations as the gold standard for appraisers. Valcre’s web, mobile app, and valuation models provide an end-to-end solution for appraisal workflow, including job and client management, property research, inspections, analysis, and report writing.

Valcre customers save time while delivering higher quality appraisals. With integrations into industry-leading data providers, customized report templates and cloud-based software, Valcre accelerates the appraisal process, giving firms of all sizes, across five countries, a durable and meaningful competitive advantage. 

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