Friday, 30 September 2022 | The Latest Buzz for the Appraisal Industry

Buzz and Beyond

Our team at Appraisal Buzz, and I, are really excited to announce the launch of an Appraisal Buzz magazine. Yes, you heard that right. We are going to engineer some backwards technology and publish our first ever print magazine next Spring. We’ve gone retro with an old fashioned, glossy magazine delivered to your mailbox.

The purpose is to reach a very broad audience of appraisers through multi media. We will continue to publish our email newsletter twice weekly (stay tuned for a new look and new features coming soon to our email newsletter). The focus will be to continue to bring outstanding content to appraisers in full-length feature articles from industry leaders. With our print magazine, we will also shine a bright light on our big annual event, Valuation Expo.

Valuation Expo’s very first event was held in Orlando in 2003. In some respects that seems like yesterday. While I see many of the same faces every year I could never have imagined the enormous amount of change that our profession would undergo over the next decade. The onslaught of information in real time, in many respects, has brought the single biggest change to the industry. Information is good. But the Internet has also displaced the professional appraisal office. The networking, mentoring and peer to peer exchange of ideas have been lost. With Valuation Expo, we want you to build those professional relationships with your peers and also to network with your customers and prospects. Let’s not forget that you can meet face to face the vendors with whom you have done business with for years.

Our mission statement from the outset with Expo has been that Expo is the place where appraisers—LEARN, NETWORK and PROSPER. While everything else is changing around you, we will remain steadfast in our determination to help make that happen for the appraisal community.

With our new magazine we hope to keep appraisers “plugged in” to all of the issues appraisers face in this dynamic environment. Let us know what topics you would like to see featured in articles for the Appraisal Buzz Magazine.

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