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Buzz Academy Session Interview with Blaine Feyen

Blaine Feyen
Blaine Feyen, Real Value Group Founder and Chief Appraiser

Have you heard about the new features of our Trade Show at Valuation 20/20? With our new streamlined tradeshow, you’ll have more opportunities to network with your peers, learn from experts within the field, and get valuable insider knowledge with our Buzz Academy Sessions. Valuation 20/20 takes place from March 19th – 21st and the trade show is on Friday, March 20th. We sat down with Blaine Feyen to learn more about the two sessions that he’ll be hosting at Valuation 20/20. Whether you’re learning about attracting higher paying clients or building your million-dollar business, these free sessions are just what you need to exceed expectations.

Buzz: Can we please have your background in the appraisal and real estate industry?

Blaine: I began investing in real estate in 1989 at age 19 with my first duplex. I got into real estate sales in 1994 and learned the sales side of the business. I then moved to the mortgage side of the business in 1997. I was recruited into the appraisal side of the business in 2001 and have been appraising ever since. I have been coaching appraisers since 2005.

Buzz: Can we have a general summary of Dig Your Well Before You’re Thirsty and what appraisers can expect from this session?

Blaine: I will be teaching several of the most important things to be doing in your appraisal business to attract and keep the highest paid work, as well as build a solid private appraisal business. I will teach appraisers how to mine the hidden gold (future business and profit) from a database they don’t even know they own!

Buzz: Can we have a general summary of Building the Million Dollar Appraisal Business and what you want appraisers to take away from this session?

Blaine: I will cover the steps to creating the most profitable appraisal business, and then how to use your profitability to create wealth. I will show appraisers how to build a million-dollar net worth from their appraisal business, regardless of the level they are at currently.

Buzz: These non-CE courses are going to be of great value to our attendees. What is something that you would like to say to the people who are on the fence about attending your Buzz Academy Sessions?

Blaine: The Buzz Academy sessions are going to be packed with value that you can actually get a return on! Unlike CE, which will help you maintain your license and be a better appraiser, the Buzz Academy Sessions will help you become a better business person, be more profitable, build a better business, and build wealth.

Buzz: Besides your sessions, what are you looking forward to most at Valuation 20/20 this Spring?

Blaine: I, personally, am looking forward to meeting many of the attendees and building new relationships!

Thank you answering our questions, Blaine! Register here for your trade show pass with your included Buzz Academy Sessions! We look forward to seeing you at Valuation 20/20. Have any comments or would you like to submit content of your own? Email