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Asteroom announces GSE Property Data Collection supporting Fannie Mae value acceptance + property data

Launching a national network for property condition reports, 3D tour technology brings lightning turnaround, industry-leading accuracy, and a better borrower experience to property data collection.

San Francisco, CA–Asteroom Inc. today announced its launch a GSE Property Data Collection service nationwide to capture property dimension and condition data for Fannie Mae value acceptance + property data and Freddie Mac’s ACE+ PDR (automated collateral evaluation plus property data report), which starts April 15th, 2023. As a leading 3D tour technology provider, Asteroom’s offering supports GSE appraisal modernization by streamlining labor-intensive processes for greater efficiency and affordability, all while maintaining accuracy and consistency. Trusted by over 50 AMCs nationwide, Asteroom cements its position as an industry leader with its API submissions to GSEs, providing unmatched speed and accuracy.

Asteroom’s been highly tested by many industry participants on their speed, accuracy, and consistency and is often ranked first in each regard. With less than a 2% revision rate on all company orders, Asteroom attributes this success to the quality of its people, training, and technology.

Asteroom’s unparalleled ability to collect fast and accurate data is thanks to our national network of over 5,000 certified Realtors®, who undergo extensive training and testing and offer the highest quality of work due to their real estate expertise. Using primarily real estate agents leads to far fewer errors and a quicker ability to reach the property. Asteroom provides 2-day turnaround times nationwide to AMCs, with a historical average of 2.2 days. Using proprietary 3D tour, floor plan, and mobile app technology, Asteroom can verify all data during quality control (QC). Every task goes through an average of 120 minutes of manual quality control review before client return or GSE API submission. Consistently ranked by clients who’ve tested all market solutions as the most accurate.

“We are immensely proud to support the GSE’s appraisal modernization efforts and move the industry forward with our innovative property data collection solutions. Our expertly trained and certified data collectors, rigorous quality control review processes, and proprietary 3D tour technology allow us to provide unparalleled accuracy and efficiency to our clients and their lenders.” said Asteroom’s CEO & Co-Founder Eric Tsai. To learn more about Asteroom and its national property data collection services by visiting our site.

About Asteroom Inc.: Asteroom is a 3D tour and floor plan company based in Fremont, CA. Founded in 2018, Asteroom has 25,000+ real estate agents creating 3D tours across the United States. Asteroom was voted 2021 Housing Wire Tech 100 Winner as one of the most innovative and impactful technology companies serving the real estate industry.

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