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Asteroom Announces First of its Kind Data Capture Solution for Freddie Mac ACE+ PDR

Launching a national network for property condition reports, 3D tour technology brings lightning turnaround, industry-leading accuracy and a better borrower experience to property data collection

San Francisco, CA–Asteroom Inc. today announced it will launch in August a nationwide service to capture property dimension and condition reports for Freddie Mac’s ACE+PDR offering which starts July 17th, 2022.

Asteroom’s solution expands upon its existing Desktop Appraisal Service for appraisal management companies and lenders. Their national network of over 5,000 trained and certified data collectors can document properties within one calendar day of an order being placed. Using proprietary 3D tour, floor plan, and mobile app technology, the service will deliver all required data for Freddie Mac’s eligible property condition reports.

Asteroom is the world’s first 3D tour technology partner to offer property data collection services for Freddie Mac’s ACE+PDR offering, streamlining labor-intensive processes to boost efficiency while maintaining consistency, accuracy, and affordability.

Dramatically reducing both on-site and delivery timelines, data collectors can scan the average 3,000 sqft property in just 40 minutes, with reports ready just 2-3 calendar days after order dates. Nationwide pricing is just $200 for properties up to 3,000 square feet.

Asteroom’s technology has been extensively vetted for property dimensional accuracy. Floor plans’ GLA have a 4%-6% margin of error, comparable to all available solutions for this data. Additionally, all collected data will be reviewed by a quality assurance team to ensure property condition information is complete and accurate.

“Reimagining the appraisal process has long been a goal for many, and I’m excited that our ability to create a property’s 3D Digital Twin will be used to benefit both cash-out refinance sellers as well as borrowers,” said Asteroom’s CEO & Co-Founder Eric Tsai.

To learn more about Asteroom and its national property data collection service by visiting our site.

About Asteroom Inc.: Asteroom is a 3D tour and floor plan company based in Fremont, CA.  Founded in 2018, Asteroom has 20,000+ real estate agents creating 3D tours across the United States. Asteroom was voted 2021 Housing Wire Tech100 Winner as one of the most innovative and impactful technology companies serving the real estate industry.

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