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Ascent Software Group

Ascent Software Group Announces Acquisition of Value Acceptance

Acquisition strengthens rapidly growing appraisal software company’s position in the mortgage industry.

Alpine, UT November 28, 2023 – Ascent Software GroupTM (ASG), the rapidly growing appraisal
software company behind JaroTM, the industry’s leading end-to-end suite of appraisal-focused
products, has announced its acquisition of Value Acceptance (VA), a technology developer
dedicated to enhancing and modernizing the property service industry’s products and
infrastructure. This partnership enhances ASG’s ability to provide innovative valuation products
and solutions, strengthening its position as a market leader in the appraisal technology

Value Acceptance’s first-in-industry technology is the result of a multi-year effort in using LiDAR
and augmented reality to deliver the best floor plan technology on the market. It will facilitate a
best-in-class data collection tool for completing the new property data reports required by the
GSEs. This pioneering technology enables the completion of PDC (property data collection) right
at the property, drastically reducing the time required to deliver critical property data. The
partnership will allow ASG’s cutting-edge technology platform, Jaro, to further deliver on its
promise of leading the charge towards appraisal modernization.

“Joining the Ascent team, along with our ability to integrate our industry leading property data
collection technology across the Jaro suite, will supercharge our ability to get our innovative
solution into the hands of as many property professionals as possible. Combining forces with
Jaro and Ascent means we can 10x our impact and drive appraisal modernization forward as a
team,” Tom Spencer, Co-Founder and Head of Sales and Marketing at Value Acceptance said.
Wesley McCombe, Co-Owner of Value Acceptance adds, “We are confident that our combined
strengths and expertise will not only enhance our offerings, but also provide our customers
with unprecedented opportunities for growth and transformation. We are excited about the
future and the endless possibilities that lie ahead as we embark on this new chapter.”

“The Value Acceptance team is a pioneer in LiDAR, artificial intelligence, and prop tech. We are
extremely excited to bring them onboard to help us carry out our vision for a fully integrated
solution from order to fulfillment. This technology allows our customers to deliver a superior
product and service with faster turn times and better quality. Our Jaro platform is already a
leader in delivering the best end-to-end appraisal in the market and this will allow us to extend
that to these new GSE products. We are excited to bring this technology to market and for what
the future holds with the tools we build,” said Gareth Borcherds, Managing Director of ASG.
Since bursting on the technology scene two years ago, ASG has rapidly emerged as a formidable
player in the appraisal technology sector. The company’s remarkable growth trajectory shows
no signs of slowing down as it continues to set new industry standards.

About Ascent Software Group
Ascent Software Group (ASG) is a prop-tech solutions provider, bringing positive change to the
appraisal process through automation and deep integration to the mortgage industry. ASG’s
appraisal products blaze a new trail in the appraisal software space, providing comprehensive
tools that work in tandem to deliver an innovative valuation experience. ASG has created Jaro,
a suite of appraisal management solutions and products. Jaro is the only true end-to-end
appraisal platform on the market that serves every party in the valuation process. For more
information, visit


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Alexandra Checketts
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