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Apps for Appraisers

As an appraiser, your smartphone could be what your business needs to be successful. All businesses should take advantage of the free technology that is available at the touch of a button. From apps that can store important data to multi-navigational GPS apps, your appraisal business could be working much smarter.

Though you should meet the agent at the home you are inspecting, there are also times when you will not. Supra (e-key) allows appraisers to not have to carry an extra device in order to access homes with a lockbox. The agent will grant access to the home with a code sent through the app and then the appraiser will have independent access to the property.

Mint is the free budget planner that tracks and can categorize work expenses. Take charge of your finances by tracking mileage, taking pictures of receipts, and more. Mint gives you a black and white look at your money by charts tracking day-to-day finances and investments and offering recommendations on each. Mint also allows you to set goals and see your progress, something appraisers could use as a project/income tracker as well.

CoPilot GPS
As an appraiser, you will spend countless hours on the road. What’s worse than driving an hour away only to find out the next property on your list was next to your home? This GPS allows you to input multiple addresses and it will calculate the most efficient route in order to reach them all. This app also offers offline storage of maps, alternative routes while in use, turn by turn instructions, and much more.

As an appraiser, there are often times you are required to get in personal contact with the client. For security reasons, it may not be best to go out handing your personal cell to everyone. With Burner, you will have another number to use as contact so that your personal remains safe. You will be able to give this number without fear and with the ability to disconnect as soon as the transaction has been completed.

Taking payments in the field has never been easier! With Dwolla, appraisers can now take payment for inspections as soon as they have been completed. Rather than the follow up afterwards and potential hassling you may have to do, Dwolla lets you safely request and send payments to other phones, emails, and accounts.

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