Thursday, June 1, 2023 | The Latest Buzz for the Appraisal Industry

Appraiser Input Needed

Appraisers, we need your help! We have a couple new things we are doing on the appraisal buzz and we could use your input. We are offering free Valuation Expo passes for any appraiser’s photos or ideas that we publish. This year, you could win by one of two ways. The first way is our comics contest: send in your best comic strip or picture related to our industry! This must be an original idea drawn by you. The second way is our untrained eye contest: send in your best photo of something funny/outrageous the untrained appraiser eye could have seen wrong a mile away. This should be from a photo you took at an inspection you did. Send in your photos and you could win big this year! 

Comics Contest
This contest will run until July 12th, 2019

You may have noticed the new Buzztoons section on the Appraisal Buzz front page. If you haven’t seen it yet, make sure to head over to our front page and check them out. Here is the latest one we just posted titled “Marketing Director” by Jerry King:

We want to see some of your best comics about the real estate or appraisal industry! Whether you’re an actual artist or someone who can manage to mess up a stick figure, we want to see your art. All winners we publish will receive a trade-show pass to our Valuation Expo this fall, valued at $300! Submit your art for your chance to win!

Untrained Eye Contest
This contest will run until July 12th, 2019

Appraisers are such an important part of the real estate process. Their impartial expertise protects home buyers as they enter into one of the biggest purchases of their life. We want to see what you have seen that the normal person might not immediately pick up on but that would be a problem to someone buying the home. Appraisers can all confidently say that they have either seen or heard of something in a home that should NOT have been there. From horrendous do-it-yourself project fails to little overlooked things by a newbie: we want to see YOUR photos! Like this one – “a normal person would just take a picture of new drawers an appraiser would actually try and make sure they work.”

Here’s another one – an appraiser would catch this from the start, but someone who wasn’t trained wouldn’t even know to check to make sure the thermostat was connected to wiring.

What are some things you have seen that the untrained eye wouldn’t be able to catch? The top 3 winners chosen will receive a trade-show pass to our Valuation Expo this fall, valued at $300! Send in those pictures for your chance to win big!

Send your submissions to with the subject line “Valuation Expo Contest” for your chance to win!