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Appraisal Modernization Feedback

Appraisal Modernization has been widely discussed in the appraisal industry for some time now, but what does it mean to you? With new technologies and tools emerging in the field, Appraisal Modernization is happening before our very eyes. What are the issues that are facing appraisers today in regards to this modernization? We want your input in our Appraisal Modernization Survey by September 23rd!

What exactly about Appraisal Modernization are you passionate about? This survey takes less than 5 minutes to complete. Click here to take the Appraisal Modernization Survey and have your voice be heard! The results of this survey will be released after all submissions are collected on September 23rd. We look forward to seeing your answers about the appraisal industry!

Take the survey here.

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