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Anow to Power Accurity Valuation

Appraisers Now Ltd. (Anow) is pleased to announce that Accurity Valuation, one of the largest appraisal firms in the United States, has selected Anow to provide the Appraisal Office Management platform to power Accurity’s national appraiser network. For Accurity Valuation, being “powered by Anow” represents more than enhanced productivity for appraisers, it’s a rethinking of how franchise offices can efficiently connect together to deliver market expertise to each other, to customers, and to partners.

“Accurity and Anow share a kindred entrepreneurial spirit,” says Anow CEO Marty Haldane, “We’re excited about providing Accurity’s appraisers and appraisal offices with best in class appraisal management tools to grow their business.”  Like Accurity, Anow is focused on the needs of appraisers and helping appraisal companies bring expertise and innovation to market.  Haldane continued, “We see in Accurity a desire to connect appraisers, valuation products and customers together in innovative ways, and we’re pleased to be recognized as the best platform for growing companies like Accurity Valuation to realize their vision.”

“Accurity is comprised of a group of industry leaders and innovators, resulting in a national team with unparalleled expertise and quality,” says Michael Breidenbach, CEO of Accurity Valuation. “We are excited to consider Anow a partner of our organization. With the Anow technology, the Accurity Network now has a unique and expanded infrastructure which allows our offices to seamlessly meet the needs of any client, across the nation.”

Going forward, Anow will be the technology solution for the entire Accurity Network. Powered by Anow, including Anow Enterprise, the Accurity Network will deliver unique products and solutions to their customers.

About Anow

Anow is a leading provider of cloud appraisal management software that empowers both appraisers and administrative staff to revolutionize how they work by connecting their people, information and applications. Built to equally accommodate the solopreneur or a national network of offices, Anow’s software provides a unified platform for companies to run their businesses and deliver superior customer service.  From order tracking, payroll and scheduling, to business analytics and mobility, thousands of appraisers across North America use Anow every day. To learn more about Anow visit

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