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Another ‘Top Five’ Day for Mortgage Rates

By Matthew Graham

Posted To: Mortgage Rate Watch

Mortgage rates fell today . The move wasn’t big, but it was enough to claim the 5th best spot of 2014 . The 4 other days were consecutive and began on December 12th. While this is a positive turn of events, it’s not the product of any great determination on the part of market participants. That’s easy enough to see due to the fact that market participants are largely absent relative to non-holiday weeks. Perhaps even more interesting than today being a “top 5” day is that it fully erases the small spike in rates that began on Tuesday of last week. Wednesday morning wasn’t great either, but as hoped, that was the worst of it and rates have eased lower every day since then. The current movement doesn’t really speak to any longer term trends, but it’s a welcome recovery nonetheless. The most prevalently…(read more)

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