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An Appraisal Trainee’s Goals for 2020

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The start of the New Year always inspires change in people. It makes you reevaluate your life and think about where changes can be made, or new ideas can be conquered. In 2019, I started my career in real estate and set a goal to become an appraiser. The upcoming year, 2020, is an exciting year for me professionally because I can take my exam to become a certified real estate appraiser. With that last year’s goal coming to head, I have made some new goals for 2020. 

Improve my networking skills

We have all heard it before, “millennials don’t know how to talk to people.” This year I am going to practice my in-person networking skills, as well as, improve my online networking skills. Building a strong professional network can improve all areas of your business. 

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Increase my professional knowledge 

This goal should be on everyone’s list! It is never a bad time to continue learning. Continuing education can teach even the most experienced appraisers something new. This year I will take continuing education to further expand my real estate knowledge. 

Learn more about commercial appraising 

Currently, I am in training to become a certified residential real estate appraiser. After I achieve this goal, my next goal is to become a certified general real estate appraiser. This year I plan to study more about commercial appraising and gain more commercial experience. 

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Track my goals 

New years goals have a reputation for fading out after January. Tracking the progress of your goals can help keep you on task. This year I am going to track my goals weekly to make sure that I reach them. 

Q&A with Appraiser Trainee Lindsay OnufferAbout the Author: Lindsay Onuffer is a 2018 graduate of Indiana University of PA with a degree in Management, focusing on small business entrepreneurship. After college, she got her Real Estate Salesperson License and then started her training to become an appraiser. Her desire to become a real estate appraiser came into focus through her close relationship with McKissock Learning, where she worked her first job.

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