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Accurity Consolidated Hires Tony Reese as Chief Production Officer

As Accurity Consolidated continues to pave the way for a faster and more innovative future for the appraisal industry, big names in the business are joining the mission.

On February 14, Tony Reese, SRA was named Accurity’s Chief Production Officer. Reese has vast experience in the appraisal industry that began as early as his college days.

Reese understands appraisal production and demands like few others, as he has worked in the field, at an AMC, a mortgage company, a mortgage servicer, and a bank. He was a Chief Residential Appraiser and Vice President of Operations at Flagstar Bank. For seven years, he served as a Compliance Officer in valuation services for Altisource. He was also the EVP and Chief Appraiser at RPM-ASI, and a Managing Director at IRR-Residential.

“Tony brings the unique ability to see the appraisal process from both appraiser and client perspectives,” said Accurity Consolidated CEO Mark Verrett. “His leadership will allow Accurity to provide an even greater level of enhanced customer service, which has been our focus from the beginning, while continuing to also improve the lives of the appraisers on our team.”

At Accurity, Reese’s main focuses surround the company’s product and production. For the product, he will lead efforts to ensure Accurity remains a leader in the industry as it relates to technology and innovation – working with customers to understand needs and provide the very best experience. For the production, Reese will work to improve Accurity’s processes that already deliver industry-leading turn times, with the goal to continuously improve and always stay steps ahead of customer needs.

“I joined Accurity because I want to be a part of an organization that is leading the way in the transformation of the valuation profession,” Reese said. “I care about the future of this profession, and that appraisers have a significant voice in this transformation.”

Since January of 2020, Accurity Consolidated has rapidly grown to delivering record-fast appraisals in more than 20 markets across the country, with more expansion underway. Joined together with a unified vision and collaborative culture, the company is now home to over 150 employees.

Tom Armstrong, MAI

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